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TOTD neat trick to auto-dial conference call In summary, by saving phone numbers with a comma (2 sec pause) or semicolon (user prompt), you can automate dialing into a conference call.

Job Posting for Exec. Dir. of Ctr. for Biomed. DataSci

New job post @YaleMed Exec. Director for the Center for Biomedical #DataScience, an “ambassador” for this new field!

10 Places With Spectacular Views Of This Summer’s Total Solar Eclipse

How far are you from…spots to watch the #Eclipse? Does anyone know what we’ll see in CT on 8/21? A partial one?

“The zone of totality is about 70 miles wide and stretches diagonally across the middle of the country from Oregon to South Carolina. Hundreds of towns and cities in 12 states fall fully within the zone. And the closer you are to the zone’s center, the longer the full eclipse will last. While the maximum possible duration of the full eclipse is about 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the partial eclipse will last upward of two hours in most places nationwide.”