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Favorite Questions Bank

Members #_votes Question
– JR, TG, JW, LI, SL 5 —
– GG, JZ, JL, PDM 4 What book are you currently reading? – XL, JW 2 Predict when the new Sci bldg will officially open – TXL 1 1) Predict when your next publication will be released; 2) ???
– PDM: 1 1) Suggested blog/twitter channel; 2) Favorite computer you’ve owned
– JX 1 What’s your favorite research project (on which you’ve previously worked), OR what’s your favorite research paper (which you’ve read)?
– DL 1 What city/country would you most like to live? – SKL 1 Predict biggest breakthrough in biomed in 2019 – YAN 1 1) What do you like most about Farnam?; 2) What do you least like about Farnam?
– BL 1 What programming language do you hate the most? – ZT 1 What journal do you read the most?
– CY 1 How many questions have we posed as part of introductions this year?
– DC 1 What’s your (2nd-favorite) textbook? (your favorite textbook was already posed as a question at a P1 mtg on Sept 7 2018) – LS 1 What’s your favorite ethnic food?
– SK 1 What’s the next textbook you’d like to read? – XS 1 Predict how many new members will join the lab this year? – YY 1 In total, how many emails did you receive last year? – MTG 1 What’s your favorite Science magazine cover from 2018? See vote is on Twitter and Facebook — Search for the tag #SciMagMarchMadness:
– FN 1 How many times to MG re-tweet or tweet in a period of time? – HM 1 1) Who’s your favorite filmmaker; 2) What film would you like to see again?
– MG 1 1) PLoS CB best paper nominations (see Mar 23 email from MG); 2) How many important questions are there to answer – John 1 If you were to learn a natural human language, what would it be?