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interactive cnn

an intuitive example of how CNN works


Journal Club Paper

Zhou, J. and Troyanskaya, O.G. (2015). Predicting effects of noncoding variants with deep learning–based sequence model. Nature Methods, 12, 931–934.

Predicting (& prioritizing) effects of noncoding variants w. [DeepSEA] #DeepLearning…model Trained w #ENCODE data

eRA Commons Contacts

In order to obtain an eRA Commons ID, I e-mailed Tracy Coston from the ‘Business Operations & Award Setup Unit’ of the Office of Sponsored Projects. It was Mary-Beth Prete who ultimately fulfilled this request.

Tracy Coston, Assistant Director, Business Operations
Phone: 203-785-6033 | Email:

Mary-Beth Prete, Sr. Admin. Assistant, GCAT1, GCAT2
Phone: 203-737-3345 | Email: