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Rules for laptops

Rules for laptops

General rules:

Always ensure that JL has your serial number(s). It is your responsibility to let him know which laptop you have returned so he can document that you’ve returned a laptop. Laptops that are given out are automatically tagged with your initials. Sometimes, JL may email you asking for clarification on serial numbers – please reply to these emails.

New laptops are only given out with the agreement that an old laptop will be returned within 4 weeks of receiving the new one.

Any old laptop that is returned should be properly formatted to factory settings. This is a simple task that can be achieved following these guides:

CLEAN YOUR LAPTOP when returning. Wipe down your laptop screen, keyboard, and externally.

New laptops come with a charging cable. Please return your old charger with your old laptop.

Quarantine specific rules:

When new laptops are distributed, designated pickup days outside of the loading dock will be chosen. Lab members receiving new laptops must be on time in the designated time frame.

Laptop returns will be done on a designated “return” day, similar to receiving.