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STAR Methods

Here is the STAR Methods format (Structured, Transparent, Accessible Reporting) introduced last year by Cell, marketed as a structure that “promotes transparent reporting of experimental design and
methodological details.” Details are in the links below.

Editorial: http://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(16)31072-8 Instructions: http://www.cell.com/star-authors-guide
Website: http://www.cell.com/star-methods

Journal Club Paper

Zhou, J. and Troyanskaya, O.G. (2015). Predicting effects of noncoding variants with deep learning–based sequence model. Nature Methods, 12, 931–934.

Predicting (& prioritizing) effects of noncoding variants w. [DeepSEA] #DeepLearning…model
https://www.Nature.com/nmeth/journal/v12/n10/full/nmeth.3547.html Trained w #ENCODE data