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What Happens When You Put 500,000 People’s DNA Online – The Atlantic

What Happens When You Put 500,000 People’s DNA Online
https://www.theAtlantic.com/science/archive/2017/11/what-happens-when-you-put-500000-peoples-dna-online/543747/ Goes over @UK_BioBank’s big effort to put out the data without preferential access & also the great excitement for rapid
dissemination via preprint servers such as @bioRxivPreprint

YSBupdates New YSB Project Update

Please join the project team for the quarterly Yale Science Building Town Hall on Monday, December 11th at 4pm in Sloane Physics Lab 59. This project update meeting will include a review of upcoming work inside the Kline Biology Tower lobby over the winter break, and work adjacent to Kline Biology Tower moving in to the new year.

A new Town Hall Meeting has been posted to the Yale Science Building project website. Please visit http://yalesciencebuilding.yale.edu/ to view.

SBI Retreat- Please Registration

Not sure this is open to all. Best to check.


Please join us for Yale SBI Fall Retreat on Tuesday, November 21st held at the Yale Maurice R. Greenberg Conference Center. We want to use this event to primarily enhance the awareness of research directions in different labs, particularly empaneling the new directions and recent exciting developments. Attached is a draft schedule for the day.

Please register here https://westcampus.yale.edu/sbi-fall-retreat-registration

Meredith Morrow

Senior Administrative Assistant

Yale University, West Campus Administration

Systems Biology Institute

Andre Levchenko, Sidi Chen, and Michael Murrell

Telephone: (203) 737-6712


Schedule Version 1_ Yale Systems Biology Institute Fall Retreat.pdf

Genome Informatics meeting







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