*Minutes* Jan 9 2018

Introducing Yu-Cheng Yang

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

HM : travel more, research more

JR: be nicer

JW: null

TG: null

WM: learn to make one new dinner per month

JP: run more

CY: first author manuscript

XL: try new baking

MX: lose some weight, travel alone

XK: Be a more responsible person, especially with email speed

JL: Read more books on topics he wouldn’t normally read about

PM: Run more

SK: Read more

PE: stop losing weight

MF: Finish the books he started reading

DL: Finish up first author project started last year to finish this year

SKL: commit to the project he’s working on

XS: lose weight

BW: finish structure project get it published, lose weight

FN: learn more about bitcoins, maybe buy some

LS: be nice in more conferences

JZ: do some audio books

JX: waste less time, read 10 books

DC: read NYT “smarter living” more frequently

STL: finish the books he started 2 years ago

MTG: secret

GG: learn how to drive

LI: time management

MG: yogurt and blueberries every day

YY: get started in a project

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